Vehicle Accidents


Michigan law says that you cannot sue the at fault driver of a vehicle unless you can show that your injury is bad enough.  Our Michigan Supreme Court has recently stated that an injury must be bad enough to alter the course and trajectory of a person’s life.  Because a judge gets to say whether your case gets to a jury, it is important to have plenty of evidence to show the judge your case should stay in court.  It is best to speak with an experienced auto accident attorney when you are first injured so your right to have your case heard by a jury is protected.



Michigan is a No Fault State.  Your own automobile insurance company is responsible for providing you certain benefits regardless of fault.  These are called your personal injury protection benefits, or PIP for short.  You get these benefits even if you caused the accident.  These benefits include reasonable and necessary medical expenses associated with the accident, wage loss for up to three years from the date of the accident, up to $20.00 a day in replacement services, as well as mileage to and from your health care providers.  Many times an injured person does not receive these benefits unless they have the help of an experienced auto accident attorney.  You should speak with an experienced attorney when you are first injured so your right to obtain these benefits is protected.

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$350,000.00 for an automobile accident in Macomb County
$300,000.00 for an auto accident claim in Macomb County
$82,000.00 for a bicycle accident injury

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