Slip and Falls

Personal injuries that result from slip, trip, and fall accidents are often caused by elements outside of your control. In these circumstances, you could be eligible for compensation. Often a slip, trip, or fall isn't just a random accident; it is sometimes due to someone else's negligence or incompetence. So, if you are a victim of a slip, trip or fall accident, do not hesitate to contact our attorneys at Macomb Injury Lawyers. Our dependable attorneys will inform you of your options and provide high-caliber legal advice.


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Slip and fall accidents caused by dangerous conditions such as potholes, poor lighting, ice patches, defective stairs or handrails may be eligible for compensation. Our team has comprehensive knowledge of the law as it applies to premises liability. If you have been hurt because of a dangerous condition outside of your control, let us fight for you and get the compensation you deserve.

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Our law firm is committed to helping you. When you choose Macomb Injury Lawyers, you will pay NO FEES until we win the case. Contact us today!

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Case Results
$350,000.00 for an automobile accident in Macomb County
$310,000.00 for a premises liability client